Does Barnes and Noble Ship to Canada

Does Barnes and Noble Ship to Canada?

The short and simple answer is: yes. The popular book and coffee chain Barnes & Noble does offer international shipping to Canada.

Additionally, there are other means available for you and any other Canadian-living Barnes & Noble customer to have your orders delivered right to your home.

Another way to get your order shipped beyond the U.S.-Canada border is to utilize the resources available to you, created by other helpful book enthusiasts and Canadian Barnes & Noble customers.

There are countless of these industrious individuals who have helped out their fellow readers by creating their own way of getting these orders shipped from the United States to Canada.

Package Forwarding to the Rescue!

A package forwarder is there to offer another solution for Barnes & Noble international shipping to Canada. Package forwarders are run from warehouses located in the U.S.

These warehouses are more than happy to take your order and take care of the entire process for you. This makes it hassle-free and convenient to get your books and other products shipped directly to your home – even if you don’t live in the United States.

How to Find a Package Forwarder That Works for You

The great news is that finding the right package forwarder doesn’t have to be a hassle at all. The first step is to find the right package forwarder that will work for your particular order and shipping needs.

It’s highly important to take the time to determine if a particular package forwarder is actually going to be able to get the job done ahead of time before you start doing business with them.

This is because it’s oftentimes hard to back out once you’re in the package forwarding process, and it’s much easier to make the right decision on the first try.

Your choice in package forwarder is such a major decision in the process because it plays into how soon your order will be shipped to your door the accuracy of your order as well as the condition of your products once they have been all the way through the shipping process.

Find the Price That’s Right for You

With the international shipping offered by the company itself, you won’t be able to find a standard rate to ship your orders to Canada until after you’ve placed your order.

You can also look to these different package forwarding companies to see what kind of rates they offer.

It’s definitely worth it to take the time to compare prices amongst package forwarders because you can really snag a great deal if you do your research.

It’s important that you watch out for any hidden fees that a package forwarding company may try to sneak into your order.

The best companies will be honest and upfront about every cent they plan on charging you to get your order delivered to your front door.

Be Mindful of the Types of Delivery and Forwarding Fees

You’ll want to take careful note of any and all service fees that a package forwarder includes in their prices.

This refers to the amount charged for them to give you the main services that they offer – accepting your package, shipping it, as well as all the side-along services that happen along the way.

Sometimes this means package consolidation, re-packing, and long-term storage if your delivery needs to be kept for an extended period of time.

There are some package forwarders who include a monthly or annual fee for their services.

This is something to be aware of because there are other companies that have no regular fee, and their up-front service fees may work out to be the better deal for you if you’re only making a one-time order and don’t plan on continuing to do business with the package forwarder.

Look for an Honest Company with Pricing Transparency

No matter how great of a deal any advertised package forwarder may claim to have, what really matters is how transparent they are on their prices.

This means how truthful the company is about how much they will ultimately charge you to get your Barnes & Noble order delivered to your home in Canada.

The best way to get to the bottom of a shipping forwarding company’s honesty with their pricing is to dig deep into critical reviews and make sure that all their previous customers are happy with their services and keep coming back.

How Happy are Their Previous Customers?

In many cases, what the customer experience comes down to is how satisfied they were with the experience of dealing with a company. While pricing and promptness of delivery are certainly huge determining factors, the level and quality of customer service still come into play in a big way.

Every interaction that a customer has with the package forwarding company adds up and becomes part of their overall impression of the company.

If you have to deal with a surly employee over the phone just once – let alone twice in a row – it can really leave a bad taste in your mouth and cause you to never want to do business with that particular forwarder ever again.

So when you’re deciding on the package forwarding company you want to go through to have your packages shipped to Canada, you make want to carefully consider what the reviews are saying about how the company values its customer service.

Getting Your Barnes & Noble Order to Canada

Although Barnes & Noble doesn’t directly offer to ship up to Canada, there are still ways of making it happen.

As long as you are able to find a package forwarding company that will suit your needs, you should have no difficulty getting any books or other products delivered right to your door – or the door of a Canadian loved one.

By carefully reviewing the package forwarding options and going with the one that’s best for you, the forwarding process should be hassle-free and convenient.

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