Does Chewy Ship to Canada

Does Chewy Ship to Canada?

Chewy offers an incredible line of pet-pleasing foods and products from brands like Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin, Taste of the Wild, and, even, Canada Fresh wet cat and dog foods.

But, can you get these great pet products delivered to you if you live in Canada? The slightly less-than-simple answer is yes, you can get Chewy packages delivered to a Canadian address, however not through Chewy directly.

No, Chewy will not deliver to an address in Canada. Chewy doesn’t deliver to any international addresses, APO/FPO addresses, P.O. Boxes, or Hawaii or Alaska. However, you can still get Chewy products delivered to you in Canada by using a package forwarding service. There are several package forwarders located in the U.S. that will let you ship your Chewy packages to their warehouse, where they will, then, reroute the package to your address in Canada.

What Is a Package Forwarder?

A package forwarder is a company with a warehouse where they accept packages on behalf of others, then reroute those packages to their addressee. To receive a shipment from a company located within the contiguous U.S. that doesn’t ship to addresses outside of that range, you’ll obviously need, first and foremost, to find a package forwarder located,, within the contiguous United States.

List of Popular Package Forwarders

There are several package forwarders to choose from that will facilitate your Chewy shipments to Canada, among them:

  • Anytime Mailbox
  • Planet Express
  • PostScan Mail
  • U.S. Global Mail
  • Earth Class Mail
  • Traveling Mailbox
  • USA2Me

How to Choose a Package Forwarder

To find the right package forwarder to use to get your Chewy packages shipped to you in Canada, you need to know what to look for in a package forwarder, namely:


Some package forwarders change service fees to accept and ship packages, as well as for extra services like long-term storage, package consolidation, and re-packing; other package forwarders charge a monthly or annual fee for service. Which payment model you choose depends on how much you think you’ll be using the service.


Once you understand your cost options, you can better analyze the cost structures different package forwarders offer. You should be able to see without any trouble or confusion the exact charges for each service before you select a package forwarder. And, if you can’t calculate accurately what your charge will be ahead of ordering service, consider ordering from a different package forwarder that’s more transparent about its pricing.


Each package forwarder takes their own amount of time to make deliveries, and each one offers a different guarantee of service and/or caveat of non-responsibility for delays or delivery errors outside of their control. To assess this aspect of a package forwarder’s value, look beneath the promises to the customer reviews regarding the actual speed with which they received their packages.

Customer Service

While you’re perusing those customer reviews, make note of how the reviewers felt about the service they received. Would they use that package forwarder again, and why or why not?

Another key factor to consider in choosing a package forwarder for your Chewy shipments to Canada is the features and services it offers, such as:

  • Storage of your package – And if so, how much for how long?
  • Free photos – Showing your package’s condition upon arrival at the warehouse
  • Consolidating of packages – Will the forwarder consolidate multiple Chewy packages into a single shipment to save you on shipping and packaging costs?
  • Sales tax – Where within the U.S. is the forwarder located? In some states and localities, you may have to pay an additional sales tax on your orders, whereas, in others, you won’t.
  • Tracking – Some package forwarders offer to track your packages between their facility and your Canadian delivery address, while others do not.
  • Insurance – Most package forwarders will offer to insure your packages for shipment between their facility and your Canadian delivery address as an optional add-on for an extra fee.

Customs and Duties Costs

One other set of costs to account for when getting Chewy deliveries to Canada is customs duties.

As of July 1, 2000, when the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) went into effect, you will not need to pay any duties or customs on imports (eg. your packages from Chewy) as long as the goods being shipped are not worth more than $150 CAD.

If your Chewy delivery is for a purchase greater than $150 CAD, the amount of customs duty you’ll need to pay varies depending on the item category.

Other Addresses Chewy Doesn’t Ship To

Be aware that, in addition to international addresses like in Canada, Chewy doesn’t deliver to any P.O boxes or APO/FPO addresses either.

If you have either of these types of addresses in Canada, a package forwarder may also be able to help facilitate the delivery of Chewy packages to you.

The same applies to addresses in Hawaii and Alaska, as Chewy only delivers directly to addresses within the 48 contiguous United States.

About Chewy

Originally launched as “Mr. Chewy” in 2011, Chewy has become one of the biggest online pet food and pet product retailers in the world, earning almost $5 billion in 2019 alone.

In one of the historically biggest e-commerce acquisitions, PetSmart acquired Chewy in 2017 for $3.5 billion, though the parent company pretty much allows Chewy to operate independently.

In addition to selling pet food, toys, and pet care books and products, Chewy also has its own Chewy Pharmacy where in-house veterinarians fill prescriptions and refills for pet medications. Today, Chewy is valued at nearly $10 billion.

Chewy Returns From Canada

Chewy offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee on all products within one year (365 days) of purchase. They’ll even pay for return shipping.

However, if you’re returning a Chewy product delivered to you in Canada, you may need to bear the cost of sending the return back to the package forwarder you used as the original shipment address for Chewy. Then, Chewy will cover the return shipping costs from the package forwarder’s warehouse address.

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