Does World Market Ship to Canada

Does World Market Ship to Canada?

World Market Retail Site

World Market is a global retail store that provides a wide variety of international goods to customers worldwide. It was founded in 1958 by William Amthor in San Francisco, California.

World Market is headquartered in Alameda, California. Products on the company’s website are sold daily. Before selling to consumers, World Market was primarily a wholesale supplier. The company has grown into one of America’s largest retailers.

When you sign up for World Market, you’ll receive an email from them. The link helps you create your free, secure account. World Market has automatic order tracking and easy re-ordering, thus ensuring that your shopping experience is faster and easier.

Does World Market Ship to Canada?

World Market ships to Canada using a package forwarder. A package forwarder is a warehouse that accepts all orders from World Market and later forwards them to Canada. You should take the following steps to get your order shipped to Canada.

Step 1 – Choose a Package Forwarder for World Market

You need to find out if other people have used the company you are interested in and whether it is recommended.

You should also ensure that the company is reputable and trustworthy. Before choosing a package forwarder, consider the following:

  • Service fee
  • Pricing transparency
  • Shipping policies
  • Customer service
  • Satisfaction ratings

Planet Express is the most recommended package forwarder for customers shipping orders from World Market to Canada.

Step 2 – Ship Your Order to Planet Express

You should ensure that you have a Planet Express account. A Planet Express account facilitates the shipping of goods directly to Canada.

Step 3 – Forward Your Order to a Package Forwarder

Planet Express ships your order to Canada after completing a purchase from World Market. To get your ordered items safely to the package forwarder, shipping via UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, or RPS Home Delivery is recommended.

There are several packages available in Planet Express. The packages have different charges depending on the service you are subscribed to. Every package has its rate. For example, two-day, three-day, and four-day parcels have different charges depending on their size and weight.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship to Canada?

Shipping rates from World Market vary from order to order. Prices are based on the weight of the purchased order and the delivery method chosen by the customer.

If you purchase something small and light like a scarf or jewelry, shipping will be less expensive than ordering something larger like furniture or dishes. The cost of delivery and time taken to complete the delivery depends on the following:

Shipment Method

Standard Ground

Standard ground takes three to eight business days. Customers can request next-day air, two-day air, or three-day air shipping at extra charges. Standard ground charges are $15 and below for shipment value and a $4.95 delivery charge.

Expedited Delivery

Expected delivery takes one to three days. If customers need to get the items faster than regular delivery, they can select next-day air, two-day air, or three-day air shipping at extra charges.

Expedited delivery charges are:

  • Priority Mail Express – USPS has a minimum cost of $26.35 (Post Office) and $22.75 (Commercial Base®/Plus®).
  • UPS 2nd Day Air (Daily Rate) – A minimum cost of $19.30 (1 lb. package) and a maximum cost of $219.00 (150 lb. package).

Customers must also include an additional service fee for all expedited deliveries. Packages are delivered by courier or freight truck depending on the number of shipped items and their size and weight.

Freight Delivery Surcharges

Customers must include an additional service fee for all freight deliveries. The shipping fee charged by courier companies depends on the number of shipped items and their size and weight.

What are Shipping Rates to Canada?

USPS has different mails classes that can be used to ship to Canada. These include:

  • Priority Mail Express International Flat Rate takes around three to five business days. The shipping mail rate starts at $44.95.
  • Priority Mail International is another mail class that takes about six to ten business days. The shipping mail charges start at $37.47.
  • First-Class Package International Service takes about eleven to twenty business days. The shipping mail rate starts at $14.11.

All international purchases are subject to possible duty, tax, or tariff charges for customs clearance.

Customers should be keenly aware that the duties, taxes, and tariffs vary depending on the country of destination. Customs fees are normally added to the shipping charges.

Do Customers Pay Customs When Shopping From World Market?

Customers from Canada ordering items through World Market pay customs charges when importing ordered goods from other countries.

Additionally, customers should be aware that customs may delay packages by up to 60 days.

Customers are also advised to ensure they insure valuable goods that are being imported. Also, some of the products found on the World Market website may be banned in Canada.

The customer must beware of banned products and avoid ordering such products from World Market.

How Can You Track Your Order From World Market to Canada?

World Market will send you an email with a tracking number after your order is shipped. The customer should check their email for more information. The following are steps to be followed when tracking your order:

  • Step 1: Ensure that your order has been received and processed for shipping.
  • Step 2: Ensure that an order confirmation email from World Market has been sent to you.
  • Step 3: Once the order has arrived, ensure to pick up your package at the World Market distribution center.
  • Step 4: Upon pick up, ensure that the shipping confirmation is emailed to you.

World Market Returns Product Policy

World Market does not accept returns of products that have been tried on or altered, except with a return policy of exchange or store credit.

To be eligible for an exchange or store credit, you must have your receipt, and the product must be in its original packaging.

The customer must bring the item back to the store, where it will be inspected thoroughly to ensure that the claims made on the product are legitimate.

The store will then review the transaction and make an exchange or credit, which may take up to 2 weeks after you return the item.

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