does kohls ship to canada

Does Kohl’s Ship to Canada and How Can You Ship Your Orders

Can you ship Kohl’s orders to Canada? No. Kohl’s does not ship to Canada currently. The American department store has not established any retail stores in Canada. Fortunately, the store owners are working religiously to establish stores in Canada the soonest as possible.

What is Kohl’s?

Kohl’s is a major American department store headquartered in Milwaukee, owned and operated by Kohl’s Corporation. Kohl’s has 1162 locations throughout the United States, making it one of the biggest department stores in North America.

The department store was originally founded as a corner grocery store by Maxwell Kohl, a Polish Immigrant, in 1927. The store grew into a booming chain store in Milwaukee before opening the first-ever department store in 1962.

Kohl’s has proven to be among America’s best retail stores where you can buy high-quality beauty products, clothing, electronics, shoes, furniture, handbags, beauty products, jewelry, etc.

The store was announced as the biggest department store chain in the US in May 2012, surpassing J.C Penney in profits and sales. It’s was also ranked the 23rd retail store in the United States in terms of revenues and the second-largest department store in terms of sales.

In Which Countries Does Kohl’s Ship?

Kohl’s store targets clients worldwide, offering products that clients from every part of the world cherish. However, Kohl’s has selected specific countries where they ship client orders.

Your Kohl’s orders can be shipped to you if you’re within Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Europe, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

Other countries Kohl’s store ships include but are not limited to the United Arab Emirates, Africa, Caribbean, Asia, South Korea, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

You can also get your Kohl’s orders shipped to Germany, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, Italy, Taiwan, Sweden, and Norway.

Why Kohl Doesn’t Ship to Canada

Kohl’s has not opened store locations in Canada yet. While they haven’t given exact reasons why they are currently not shipping to Canada, it could be a problem with the small market size and complex customs requirements.

When compared to the US market, the Canadian market is pretty small. Many US stores Kohl included often put that in mind when deciding where to ship products. Besides, Canada has complicated customs requirements that make it hard for stores to ship products across the borders.

While customs brokers can streamline the shipping process, Kohl hasn’t considered that option yet because of the high costs. Bigger stores like Amazon have devised ways to easily ship products to their Canadian customers, but stores like Kohl’s haven’t developed any yet. However, that does not mean you can’t ship your Kohl orders to Canada.

What Are Kohl’s Shipping Costs and Time?

Customers within international countries where is department store ships must understand the costs and shipping time before placing an order. A lot affects the shipping cost of any order bought from Kohl’s. However, the most common determinant of the shipping costs is the weight of your order.

The bigger the order, the more you’ll pay for shipping costs. The best thing with Kohl’s is that they give you an exact price of the product and shipping costs beforehand.

Why Should You Ship With and How Long Does it Take? is one of the most trusted package forwarders in America. They’re known globally for helping ship orders from US stores to international clients. The modern consumer is looking for affordable shipping rates and timely deliveries, and has proven credible in both areas.

MyUS works with international shipping providers, including DHL, FedEx, and UPS. They provide accurate and genuine cost quotes beforehand. Unlike other carriers with hidden fees that you only know when your order is delivered, MyUS does not have hidden charges.

MyUS prices their package delivery services per weight basis instead of dimension basis. You will already have a rough idea of the amount needed to ship any product you order from Kohl’s.

In addition, MyUS does not take forever to get your Kohl’s order delivered to your Canadian home address. When MyUS receives your order from Kohl’s, it will take 48 hours to process it before sending it to your home address.

The time the order would take to reach your home solely depends on the shipping method you’ll choose. While some shipping methods take 72 hours, others can take up to 12 days. Therefore, the longest you will have to wait to get your merchandise from Kohl’s delivered to your home when it reaches MyUS is 14 days.

Does MyUS offer Return Services and Refunds?

The worst moment you can ever have as a Canadian buying from Kohl’s is to receive a damaged or wrong order, and you’re forced to pay additional money to ship the product back to Kohl’s store. It’s not only detrimental to your finances but also inconvenient.

When you decide to work with MyUS to get the merchandise you buy from Kohl’s delivered to your home, you won’t need to worry about paying extra to return your orders if they reach your home damaged. One good thing with MyUS is that they offer refunds and returns services.

If the products reach their Canadian facility damaged or in bad condition, they will let you know. After informing you about the condition of the orders shared, they will also start the return process. MyUS asks you to confirm with Kohl’s before shipping your orders to avoid wrong shipping orders.

They will even take photos of the merchandise and share them with you to ensure you can confirm if it’s the product you ordered or not. The shipping costs will be on you if you give MyUS the go-ahead to ship an order, only for you to complain later that it’s not the product you ordered.

However, they will take responsibility for the shipping costs if they damage the product during the shipping process.

Kohl’s doesn’t ship to Canada, but Canadians haven’t been locked out. You can order your products and signup with to facilitate the shipping to your Canadian home.

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