Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

12 Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Perks of Having a Canadian Citizenship

Canadian citizenship is a great privilege that allows you to enjoy many benefits. The country is quite welcoming to foreigners and provides many opportunities. This article will discuss some of the perks of having Canadian citizenship.

Some of the benefits of having Canadian citizenship being able to:

  • Live in Canada.
  • Vote in federal elections and referendums.
  • Work in Canada.
  • Access several government programs, benefits, and services.
  • Have full access to the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security.

12 Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Strong Canadian Passport

Having a Canadian passport is quite liberating as it allows you to travel to over 150 countries without any visa requirements. This is a major perk specifically for those who love traveling.

Besides that, Canadian citizens can travel to the United States and be granted an electronic entry stamp by Customs and Border Protection.

On top of that, Canadian families do not have to pay a reciprocity fee of up to $50 when visiting other countries, as this falls under the country’s family travel policy.

Great Quality of Life

Canada has a competitive business environment with high standards of living. As a result, new Canadian citizens who want to work can access various employment opportunities.

Access to Medical Services

Study shows that Canada’s medical system is among the best globally. It is easy to get medical insurance for yourself and your family in Canada.

Due to this, the life expectancy in the country is relatively high. The mortality rate for children is also significantly lower compared to other developed countries.

Access to Social Services

As a new Canadian citizen, you will have access to the generous and flexible social services run by the government of Canada. This includes access to the Canada Pension Plan and Good Old Age Security.

If you are a retiree, it is even better as the retirement age in Canada is higher compared to other countries. The starting point for eligible taxpayers is age 65, while entitlement begins once you reach the age of 67.

Education and Training Opportunities

If you are a new Canadian citizen, you will have access to various educational and professional development opportunities available in Canada. There are also grant programs to assist students in acquiring post-secondary education abroad.

Additionally, there is also the option of taking advantage of Canada’s student loan system or the Canada Student Grants. This will ensure that you study at an accredited institution and complete the studies without financial concerns.

You will also be able to work part-time while studying and still maintain your status as a student.

Job Opportunities

Once you successfully become a Canadian citizen, you will have an equal chance of landing a job at any government department. Some of these jobs include working on Parliament Hill and for the Canadian Armed Forces.

On top of that, the logging industry is also a great venue for job opportunities for the unskilled and semi-skilled.

Healthy Financial Sector

Canada’s economic growth is driven by its flourishing financial sector. As a result, the country has relatively low wealth and income inequality levels compared to other developed countries.

Furthermore, this also means many personal and institutional investment options for new Canadian citizens. The public and private sectors play significant roles in the financial services industry. It is also worth mentioning that Canada’s financial regulatory framework ensures that citizens are protected from fraudulent activities.

Additionally, the country has also been ranked as one of the safest financial environments in the world. This is due to their significant efforts to regulate and monitor the financial sector.

The country’s banking system is well-regulated. The government has put in measures to ensure that your money sits in a safe and secure place.

This has resulted in a relatively low level of banking-related fraud cases compared to the rest of the world. The government also supports an open and competitive marketplace for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

Great Opportunities in the Real Estate Market

Canada offers some of the best real estate opportunities to new Canadian citizens. Since the country has a well-developed real estate market, new citizens can easily invest in residential, agricultural, and commercial properties.

This is a great way to diversify your finances as real estate investment offers stability, security, and high returns.

Additionally, recent reports show that there is now a record-high number of unoccupied homes in this country. As a result, you can easily find properties for sale or rent in Canada’s most attractive cities.

Political Opportunities and Representation

As a new Canadian citizen, you will be able to run for federal elections representing your area of residence while voting on federal issues in Parliament.

This is particularly useful, as the government is reviewing the electoral system, which could have implications for future elections.

You will also be able to vote in local elections such as the school board and municipal council and referendums as a citizen.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Becoming a Canadian citizen allows you to enjoy their rich cultural heritage and traditions. It also allows you to pass it on to future generations of your family. Besides that, you will be able to help enrich their social and economic fabric through public service and community engagement.

Achievements of Canadians

Becoming a Canadian citizen allows you to take pride in your fellow citizens’ historical and social achievements. Among the most notable achievements are the settlement of land disputes, women’s suffrage, and same-sex rights

Canadian values

Becoming a Canadian citizen allows you to take pride in and spread Canadian values of gender equality, social justice, and environmental protection. Embracing these values enables you to be an active member of the vibrant and diverse Canadian community.

While the road to getting Canadian citizenship is not easy, it is worth it as you will have a stronger social, economic, and personal identity upon completion of the process. In this regard, you may consider contacting the Canada immigration office to understand your eligibility.

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