does romwe ship to canada

Does Romwe Ship to Canada?

Romwe Fashion Site

Romwe is an excellent clothing store that sells clothes from different designers, catering to every style imaginable. Romwe offers quality dresses, jeans, jackets, accessories, and shoes at an affordable cost to customers.

All clothes are up to date on the latest trends. Romwe also has an active social media presence and provides timely discounts for customers.

Does Romwe Ship to Canada?

Yes, Romwe ships orders that have been purchased by customers worldwide. Shipment starts from the date of paying the order. All orders across the world are shipped via EMS International Mail. Customers have to follow the steps below, and their order will be delivered to their address.

Step 1 – Enroll With a Package Forwarder

Romwe requires an address and a shipping forwarder to offer the best shipping service to customers. Therefore, customers ought to give a valid address and ensure that they have cleared the customs duties to ensure that orders are delivered on time.

If the package does not arrive on time, you should submit a ticket within three months of shipment.

If the request is accepted and proven that your order did not arrive, you are reimbursed by the company. This request should be done on time since overdue requests are likely to be declined.

Step 2 – Complete the Order With Romwe

This is accomplished by confirming the type of shipping carrier, the time the order leaves China, the tracking number, the invoice for the package, and confirming that the shipment process has started.

After completing the order with Romwe, you should confirm that the order has been delivered within six months from the date of shipment.

How Long Does Romwe Take to Ship to Canada?

After making an order, customers from Canada can expect their package to arrive in due time within the estimated shipping time. The customer should refer to the tracking information to get the most accurate delivery date.

How Much is Shipping on Romwe to Canada?

The shipping cost on Romwe to Canada depends on the following:

The Shipping Method to Canada

The shipping method can either be standard shipping or express shipping. Standard shipping is cheaper, taking about five working days. Standard shipping rates are divided into three categories:

  • A shipping fee of CA$6.99 is charged if the customer spends below CA$25.00
  • A shipping fee of CA$4.99is charged if the customer spends over CA$25.00 but below CA$49.00
  • Free shipment for orders over CA$49.00

Express shipping takes around seven working days. Express shipping rates are divided into two categories:

  • A shipping fee of CA$26.00 is charged for orders below CA$129.00
  • Free shipment for orders above CA$129.00

Can Customers Make Purchases From Romwe While in Canada?

Romwe offers international shipping and enables customers from Canada to order products online. The Romwe website gives customers an enjoyable purchasing experience. Romwe has an extensive range of products, including jeans, dresses, shoes, bags, hats, beauty kits, and cosmetics.

Romwe assures a safe online buying experience with its seller protection program. This protects buyers from receiving any damaged product.

It also protects customers from purchasing items that are completely different from what was advertised on the website. Romwe has a great customer service team and offers 24-hour customer care service.

Does Romwe Have an Affiliate Program?

Romwe has an affiliate program that helps customers save some cash on the purchases of some items. There are special offers for new customers and discounts during the new year. Customers can get 10% commissions on all sales, and the affiliate program is free to join.

Customers can visit the Romwe website and sign up for the newsletter to be updated on the latest trends in fashion and discounts on their favorite brands.

Do Customers Pay Customs When Shopping on Romwe?

Customers have to pay customs fees on their Romwe order depending on the item and its value. Custom taxes, flight arrangement fees, and the customer’s country’s fees may be due when receiving your package.

Romwe’s Reputation, Benefits, and Advantages

Romwe is a fashion retailer specializing in offering high-quality clothing and accessories at affordable prices. Romwe provides shoppers with a comprehensive selection of clothing for every occasion, focusing on style and value for money.

Romwe’s management team has extensive experience in fashion retailing. Due to their knowledge of the fashion sector, they can provide customers with an extensive range of products at very competitive prices.

Can You Use a Credit Card on Romwe?

Romwe accepts credit card payments since it is safe, easy, and convenient worldwide. Romwe is not responsible for any problems or issues when using a credit card. For any issues concerning credit card payments, the customer should contact the credit card company for assistance.

Can I Return an Item Bought on Romwe?

Romwe has a buyer protection policy that protects customers from receiving damaged goods and goods that are different from what was originally described on the website or in the catalog.

As a result, you have the option to return an item bought from Romwe if you are not satisfied with the order. After returning the order, you should contact the Romwe customer service team within five working days after receiving your order to receive a refund.

What is the Romwe Shopping Guide?

Romwe has a shopping guide that helps you make better choices on your orders. The shopping guide allows you to choose the right items for you.

It also allows customers to shop on Romwe with confidence by providing search engine advertisements, videos, and explanations of current fashion trends.

Even if Romwe is not your usual shopping destination, once you start using this free guide, you will be able to shop with increased ease and confidence.

Romwe provides an online customer service platform to cater to its customers’ needs of shipping status updates, delivery information, and returns. Through its user-friendly platform, Romwe enables customers to receive an efficient service that helps reduce their waiting time.

How Can You Contact Romwe?

You can contact the Romwe customer care team through the website’s customer services email account or by telephone.

Customer service assistance is available from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). You can also register a complaint, make inquiries, or make an offer on the website or via email or fax. Whichever way you contact them, the customer care team will respond promptly.

Romwe also provides customer service through social media to enable customers to contact Romwe via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.

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