why doesn t brandy melville ship to canada

Why doesn’t Brandy Melville Ship to Canada and How

Young American fashionistas that order their favorite fashion and clothing accessories on Bandy Melville get their orders delivered within the agreed time.

Brandy Melville processes orders immediately but delivers within 3 to 5 days, depending on how far your home address is from the nearest store.

Sadly, that’s not the case for young Canadian fashionistas looking to have a taste of the Brand Melville fashion collections. As a matter of fact, Brand Melville doesn’t ship to Canada. Their target is young fashionistas in America.

What Is Brandy Melville?

Brandy Melville is one of America’s hottest teen clothing labels, founded in 2009. Although its origins are in Italy, Brandy Melville is widely cherished in America. The brand has over 40 stores in Italy, with the oldest being over 28 years.

Brandy Melville was founded by Silvio Marsan, a renowned fashionista who has produced top-selling merchandise for well-known Italian Brands. Brandy Melville mostly produces one-size clothing and fashion accessories suited for tiny UK sizes 4-6.

Although Brandy Melville doesn’t advertise, they’ve over 4 million Instagram followers. The company’s research department is only made up of teens. The brand has stores in multiple parts of the world, including Malaysia, Bangkok, Singapore, etc.

Why Doesn’t Brandy Melville Ship In Canada?

Brandy Melville didn’t start in America. In fact, they had stores in Canada before they opened the American stores. That’s enough contradiction for anyone to question why they closed their Canadian stores and blocked any transactions with Canadians.

Brandy Melville was sued for unfair business practices in 2020 and forced to close its Square One store with claims that it catered to African Americans, which didn’t match its image.

Following the lawsuit’s verdict, the brand closed six of its Canadian stores, including West Edmonton Mall, Yorkdale Shopping Center, CF Carrefour Laval near Montreal, CF Market Mall, and Square One.

The damaged reputation and the many shop closures in Canada pushed the company to stop shipping to Canada. Today, ordering a fashion or clothing accessory from Brandy Melville requires you to use other means to deliver your order to Canada.

How To Ship Brandy Melville Orders to Canada?

Canadian Fashionistas that want to shop Brandy Melville orders to their Canadian addresses can do so in several safe ways. The most common way to ship Brandy Melville orders to Canada is through a package forwarder.

How to Identify the Best Package Forwarder

As mentioned earlier, you have a dozen package forwarders to compare to choose the ideal one. The package forwarder you select will determine the service chargers, and the time it will take to get your order.

The following are the most important considerations when deciding which package forwarder suits your budget and shipping needs

  • Pricing Transparency: Research the pricing structure of the package forwarder. Find out how clients feel about the transparency of the forwarder’s pricing.
  • Service Fees: Research what the package forwarder charges for accepting and shipping your order to Canada from Brandy Melville offices. You might have to check the costs of ancillary services such as package consolidation, storage, and re-packing.
  • Service promptness: The delivery times also matter. Consider how fast the package forwarder will deliver the order to your address.
  • Annual or monthly fees: Some package forwarders may charge annually or monthly for their services. If you want to find a trusted forwarder that charges monthly or annually, check the fees first.
  • Quality of client service: One area that defines a credible package forwarder is the quality of their customer service. You wouldn’t want to settle for a forwarder that would take weeks to respond to your questions and queries.

Why Do Canadian Teens Choose to buy From Brandy Melville?

Brandy Melville is a leading brand in America, and its product quality and selection are surely unquestionable.

Even the lawsuit pressed against them, which led to the closure of stores in Canada, didn’t question the quality of their products rather the style and target clientele.

First, Canadian teens cherish the clothing and fashion accessories sold on Brandy Melville because of the value they are getting. The store carries various products from different brands, available in multiple sizes and styles.

The brand has been in existence since 2009, and most American teens have come to like it. In fact, it’s one of the most preferred brands among teens. The low product prices have catapulted the increasing demand for Brandy Melville merchandise, as well.

The brand targets teens and the products and pricing are made to suit the unique needs of teens.

You’ll be surprised to discover how cheap these products are. In fact, dresses and skirts offered at Brandy Melville don’t exceed $40, while the tops cost lower than $30.

As for the halters, they are as cheap as $11. That shows how affordable Brandy Melville’s products are and why teens have come to like the brand.

In addition, the shipping costs aren’t too high for teens to afford. Teens who order merchandise worth over $100 are eligible for free shipping. The company is also liked for its quality of customer care service.

Most clients have shown satisfaction with how fast the brand responds to clients’ questions and takes returns seriously.

What Some Clients Find Biased About Brandy Melville?

Brandy Melville has really tried offering some of the best all-inclusive and harmless clothing and fashion merchandise. However, the brand has been questioned for its one-size-fits-all policy.

Many clients have said that the approach lacks diversity. Additionally, the company has been accused of targeting African Americans.

It is true Brandy Melville is a large and trusted clothing and fashion brand that clients love all over America. However, the company canceled the shipping of products to clients in Canada.

As a Canadian, you might be wondering why they canceled their operations in Canada and how you can ship orders to Canada. The article above has answers to all those questions and more.

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