Is Thunder Bay a Good Place to Live

Is Thunder Bay a Good Place to Live?

What to consider before Moving in on Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is situated in Northwestern Ontario as a port city. Although it’s an excellent and beautiful area to live in, there is information you should know before you decide to move.

People ask the most common question: “is thunder bay a good place to live?” How do you determine whether a place is good or not for you? Let’s discuss some aspects of Thunder Bay to assist you in making an informed choice.

Thunder Bay Population

It is a populated municipality in Northwestern Ontario with a population of 107,909 as per the Canada 2016 Census statistics. It is also the second most populated city in Northern Ontario after Greater Sudbury.

Settlement in the region started in the late 17th century with a French fur trading outpost on the banks of the Kaministiquia River. In 1970, two cities, Fort William and Port Arthur, united to form Thunder Bay.

Thunder Bay has the following municipalities of Neebing and Oliver Paipoonge, the townships of Gillies, O’Connor, Shuniah, and Conmee, and the Fort William First Nation.

The city is rich in culture, supported by thriving art, music, and theatre scenes. The residents experience a sparse suburban feel.

Thunder Bay Weather

The weather is diverse and unpredictable, just like the area’s topography. For a moment, it’s sunny, and in the next, it’s cloudy and cold. The climate in this area is continental, with variations in seasonal temperatures.

The seasons are distributed as follows:

Summer starts in June with rising temperatures and precipitation. There are hotter days in mid-July, and the temperatures rise to 30 °C (86 °F). The southwestern winds blowing hot air from the US cause high temperatures.

Fall begins in September till November.

Thunder Bay is a rainy city. Annually, close to 200 days experience rain. Unlike Toronto and Minnesota, the city has a long growing season. Trees and crops can thrive well.

In December, the winter season starts. It goes up to April. The temperatures are between -15°C to -40°C (-5°F to -40°F). Besides, the area gets snow 25 ft yearly. January experiences extreme colder days, and this may last for three weeks.

The spring is warm. The temperatures are high to rise above freezing in March, albeit in the presence of snow.

Cost of Living in Thunder Bay

The low Canadian dollar and less-expensive housing make Thunder Bay an excellent area for self-employed business people.

The city boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the region at 4 percent. Compared to other cities in Ontario, the cost of living in Thunder Bay is low.

Supermarkets are within reach within a short walk from anywhere in Thunder Bay.

Housing in Thunder Bay

Close to 30% of the buildings are large apartment buildings, small apartment buildings, and townhouses.

It is easy and convenient to move around by car in Thunder Bay. Most of the properties for sale are a reasonably short drive from the nearby highway, like Highway 102.

Unfortunately, many houses for sale in the city are situated in areas not very well-suited for traveling on foot. As such, you are carrying out your daily needs is impractical.

Due to low service levels, you are likely to experience limited choices if you’ll be using public transport. Most of the buildings are single detached homes. There are also large apartment buildings. Most residents own their homes.

Areas To Avoid in Thunder Bay

There are areas you should avoid. If you decide to stay here, you are at risk. The areas experience high crime and drug issues. They include:
• Westfort
• Northside
• Intercity
• Current River
• South Side

Thunder Bay Crime Rates

The extreme crime rate is below the estimated national average rate. Thunder Bay residents report they’re pleased with the security and safety in their neighborhoods.

Crime rates are high on the southern sides of the city. People prefer to live on the north and east sides, and the violent crime rate is reduced.

How Far is Thunder Bay from Toronto

Thunder Bay is approximately 862 km from Toronto, a 16 hours drive. The Thunder Bay International airport offers regular flights to Winnipeg and Toronto.

Thunder Bay is in the Central Time Zone.

What To Do in Thunder Bay

Since temperatures in winter are below freezing, you can only enjoy yourself indoors. You may enjoy skiing at designated spots.

You can also tour the Kaministiquia River Heritage Park and the Fort William Historical Park. Engage in the activities at Kamview Nordic Centre or even dance at the Carluke Community Centre.

You can enjoy Camping at the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park or a trip to Eagle Canyon Adventures. Here you will enjoy bungee jumps and zip lining.

Economic Activities in Thunder Bay

Despite its reputation as an economically challenged region, Ontario’s northwest is home to one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities – Thunder Bay. This city’s economy is diverse, with a mix of high-value manufacturing and service sectors.

Since it’s the Gateway to the Northwest, Thunder Bay is a transportation hub and excellent for business opportunities. It’s the central transshipment zone for pulp from the boreal forest and grain from the prairies.

Other major employers are Shoppers Drug Mart and the Canadian National Railway.

The city offers a higher quality of life and numerous growth opportunities. Besides, it’s an incredible city for family life.

As the biggest city in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, Thunder Bay is the biggest hub for commerce, industry, and transportation in the northwestern part of Ontario. Also, it’s famous in Canada since it’s the tenth-largest city in Canada.


Thunder Bay is an excellent place to live. As a growing city, the cost of living is expected to go up. Analyze your options before you make a move.

But, during summer, mosquitos show up for close to a month. It has its ups and downs. Everything you may decide to buy, say groceries, are available here in the city. You don’t have to commute long distances.

This is a lovely place to live, but it’s not for everyone. The infrastructure and organization of Thunder Bay are unique and differ from your city of residence.

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