why is the ordinary peeling solution not available in canada

5 Reasons Why Ordinary Peeling Solution Is Not Available In Canada

The ordinary peeling solution contains high-quality, natural lemon extracts, which are inexpensive and work to remove dead skin cells on your body.

The solution is mixed with water and works to cleanse your pores by eating away all of the dirt, oil, and bacteria that can cause itchy rashes or irritate any pre-existing skin conditions you may have.

How it works

Unlike other cleansers and lotions that only lubricate the skin, this solution gradually dissolves the dead cells accumulated inside your pores, making you smell less smelly.

The dead cells will then eventually be dissolved inside the body and excreted from your body, leaving you feeling fresh without any irritation.

There is no evidence that the ordinary peeling solution effectively removes the dead skin cells that cause acne scarring, but it does prevent them from becoming visible.

The lemon in this product is a natural exfoliant, which works by dissolving dead skin cells to make your pores smaller.

It will remove these dead skin cells and reduce your chances of getting acne and pimples. It also has anti-bacterial properties and can help you keep your face fresh and clean.

The lemon in this solution is also a natural anti-inflammatory, which means it will work to reduce the redness and swelling that is often associated with acne.

Lemon acts as a natural anti-inflammatory by reducing the size of your pore, which prevents oil from getting trapped inside it. As a result, your pores are less likely to become dirty and clogged up with oil.

Reasons Why Ordinary Peeling Solution Is Not Available In Canada

1. Government Regulations

The government doesn’t regulate lemon-based products. It is a tropical fruit, and as such, it cannot be grown in Canada, meaning that there are no local lemon-based products available on the Canadian market. Much of the lemon-based products sold on Canadian markets are imported from other countries, meaning they don’t comply with Canadian laws governing the importation of food products into Canada.

2. Criminal Activity

The ordinary peeling solution is not patented, and there are no patents that protect it. It means that anyone can go out and manufacture their lemon-based cleanser to compete with this product, and they don’t have to pay royalties or license fees. It means that it is possible to make a cheaper substitute with the same ingredients and sell it for less money.

3. Ineffective Ingredients

The ordinary peeling solution contains only one active ingredient: lemon extract. The lemon extract contains no active ingredients, so it is ineffective as a cleanser. Citric acid and sodium hydroxide are two inactive ingredients in the ordinary peeling solution, which are not effective as a cleanser.

4. Lack Of Research And Development

The ordinary peeling solution is not a patented product, meaning that it is also not researched and developed. It means that no one takes responsibility for any medical conditions or side effects it can cause. There are no indications for how long the product can be safely applied to human skin without damaging it.

5. Safety Hazard

The ordinary peeling solution contains citric acid and sodium hydroxide, which are potentially dangerous chemicals that can damage human skin. There is no indication as to how this product should be applied, and there is also no information on the side effects it may cause.

Pros Of The Ordinary Peeling Solution

1. A natural exfoliant

Lemon contains enzymes that will eat away dead skin cells in the pores and remove them. It can prevent acne and can help to improve your skin’s overall condition by helping it become less sensitive.

2. An anti-inflammatory agent

Lemon juice is high in Vitamin C, which helps to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin, making it look healthier and feel better. Lemon has a natural anti-bacterial component that can help prevent acne and other skin infections by killing excess bacteria that always live on the skin’s surface.

3. Easy To Use

The ordinary peeling solution is easy to use, and it’s cheap. You have to mix the solution with water and then apply it to your skin. The lemon in this product is not an active ingredient, which means that it doesn’t have side effects like other skincare products that can cause headaches if a person were to use them for too long.

4. Effective In Removing Dead Skin Cells

The ordinary peeling solution will remove the dead skin cells that are also contained in the pores of your skin. Dead skin cells cause acne as they trap oil, and oil will build up inside them, making your pores clogged with dirt and causing pimples to form.

Cons Of The Ordinary Peeling Solution


1. Unproven Effectiveness

There is little scientific research to prove that lemon-based products are safe or effective in removing dead skin cells. It is impossible to establish whether the ordinary peeling solution will work as a cleanser for you.

2. Danger Of Infection

Lemon juice is high in Vitamin C, which can hurt your skin if excessive amounts are used and added directly onto your skin. Lemon juice is a natural anti-bacterial agent and can kill bacteria found on the skin’s surface. Excess amounts of lemon juice can dry out the skin, which will leave it vulnerable to infections by bacteria.

3. There Is No Guarantee Of Quality

The ordinary peeling solution contains citric acid and sodium hydroxide, which are used to make it a more effective cleanser. These two inactive ingredients will not be effective on their own as a cleanser, and there is no indication as to how much of the solution is needed to cleanse the skin. There is also no guarantee of the quality of lemon extract, so there may be a risk of introducing harmful bacteria into your body.


The ordinary peeling solution contains citric acid and sodium hydroxide, both of which have no proven medical effects and neither of which is effective as a cleanser on its own. There is also no indication of how long the ordinary peeling solution should be applied to the skin without damaging it. Canada is a country that imports many of its food products, so there is also no guarantee that the ordinary peeling solution has been manufactured in a professional or widespread way.

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