Why Is Amazon Prime Cheaper in Canada

Why Is Amazon Prime Cheaper in Canada?

Whether you’re a student or a working professional, Amazon Prime offers pretty amazing deals.

The best part is, it doesn’t matter where you live. Make sure your Amazon account is registered with your country of residence and log in to enjoy these limited-time discounts.

Amazon Prime members get unlimited FREE two-day shipping, TV shows with Prime Instant Video, instant streaming of movies, and exclusive contact to deals. In addition, new users also get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a membership program offered by Amazon.com. It gives members access to exclusive benefits for instance unrestrained FREE two-day shipping, unrestricted instant video streaming, and other goodies that you can read on Kindle devices. Almost anything on Amazon is free if you have a Prime membership.

It is not a membership that you pay month to month. All Prime memberships are one-time only.

So, if you’re an Amazon shopper and have been searching for the best deals on this online store, then an Amazon Prime account might be something for you.

How does Amazon Prime differ in Canada from the US?

In Canada, Amazon Prime is the same as the one offered in the United States. However, there are some differences between Prime in Canada and the US that you need to know:

1. Local shipping policies apply. Unlike the US, Canadian orders must be shipped from an official warehouse and not from Amazon’s warehouses. If an order is placed after 5 pm on a Friday for a Saturday delivery, it can only be delivered on Monday if it is not urgent.

2. In Canada, Amazon Prime benefits are only available if you have a Canadian credit card or the Amazon account is registered with your Canadian address. You can still use the 30-day trial to try out Amazon Prime’s perks, but you cannot make any purchase using this trial.

3. For international delivery, shipping times on US Prime and International shipping times on Canadian Prime are the same (at least in my experience). Both programs offer free one-day shipping to most countries except Canada and Mexico (where it is only $2).

How much does Amazon Prime cost in Canada?

Canadian Amazon Prime only costs $79 per year and you can use this money to purchase any item from Amazon.com. That is cheaper than any other US or international shopping site, in my opinion. However, it’s still expensive if you consider a typical one-year membership to Netflix runs at $107, which is almost half of Prime membership.

Can I share my membership?

You can share your membership with a friend or family member as long as they live in the same house. You can also gift Prime membership to someone, but it is not free. They will get $20 off their first month of membership using coupon code GET10.

Note that you cannot share your Prime membership with anyone living on the other side of the country. If you want a family member living in Vancouver to be able to use Amazon Prime shopping, then they would need to sign up by themselves.

What other perks can you get with Amazon Prime Canada?

Amazon Prime Canada also comes with a few great perks:

Prime Music

Prime Music is a free, ad-free music service for Amazon Prime members. You can listen to over a million songs with Prime Music – any time, anywhere. You can’t download or own these songs, but you can stream them for free on your Kindle Fire or through the web and on your iOS or Android phone and tablets.

Prime Drive

Prime Drive allows you to store and stream content to your Kindle Fire without downloading the content. If you have a Prime membership, then you can download any book, movie, and TV shows on Amazon’s servers using the Prime Drive app on your smartphone or tablet.

Prime Reading

Prime Reading allows you to access over 1,000 books, magazines, and comics. Reading can be on Kindle devices or free Kindle reading apps for your smartphone or tablet.

Prime Gaming

Prime members also get access to Prime Instant Video, which lets you stream thousands of movies and TV shows with unlimited membership. You can check out the complete list of Amazon Prime benefits in Canada.

Amazon Prime Tips Can Help You Save Big

If you’re a Prime member in Canada, then here are some tips that might help you save some money:

1. Sign Up Now If You Don’t Have Amazon Prime Already

If you’re a student saving money on textbooks, then signing up for Amazon Prime might be the best choice. That’s because your textbook deliveries arrive 4-5 days earlier than other types of books. Plus, you can read the book online, borrow it from the library or sell it back to the bookstore.

2. Don’t Forget About Student or Medicaid Discounts

Amazon offers student and Medicaid discounts. Student Prime memberships cost $59 per year, $40 cheaper than regular Prime memberships. Medicaid recipients save $10 on their Prime membership and they can get Amazon Prime for only $59 per year instead of $99. You can check out the details on this page.

3. Don’t Forget to Get on The Waitlist and Sign Up for Alerts When an Amazon Lightning Deal Is About to Go Live

Amazon often announces Lightning Deals that are only available for a few hours. You can sign up for their alerts and waitlist and you’ll receive a notification through your email the minute a hot deal is available.

4. Tag Team the Sale with A Family Member

If you’re a Prime member, you can give your whole family access to Amazon’s free, two-day shipping. That way, all your loved ones will be able to get their orders before the Black Friday rush.

Amazon Prime Canada is a great way to save money and get free shipping. You can also use this membership to watch Amazon Prime Instant Videos, listen to Amazon Prime Music, and even read free books.

This account is ideal for students who buy a lot of textbooks, people who want to save on shipping costs, and those who want to read more books every month.

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