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What Is Canada Famous For? Remarkable Things

Canada is an amazing country filled with many things to gasp for, such as historical monuments, vibrant culture, and tasty delicacies.

Additionally, it has all the outdoor adventures you might want to engage in. You’ll enjoy city tours and hike in mountainous regions; it can be difficult to decide with the many incredible destinations.

With the many things Canada has to offer, what comes to your mind when you think of the nation?

Maybe it is the famous musicians such as Justin Bieber and, Drake, the beautiful scenery, maple syrup, or ice hockey.

Well, it’s worth noting that Canada which is among the largest countries in the world has a lot to offer to its visitors; here are a few of the notable aspects of this country.

Maple Syrup

Doubtlessly, this syrup is a product that Canada is recognized for. Notably, the nation produces at least 80 percent of the maple syrup used globally. Quebec is the greatest maker, attributed to a plentitude of maple trees.

This natural syrup is available in the country and in many stores worldwide. Even though the syrup can be used in sweetening many dishes, it’s best known for use in pancakes. This syrup is, without a doubt, a souvenir you can bring take back home after your vacation.

Extreme Politeness

Having polite citizens is a reputation that the country is best known for. What’s certain is it’s always very hard to be apologized to globally; however, Canadians will always apologize. An outstanding aspect is that they will go further to apologize for something that’s not their fault.

When you visit the region, and one asks you where you are from or about your health, they are admittedly interested in knowing. They are nice to their visitors, making the nation a friendly place to tour. To top it off, massive politeness is found across Canada.

Ice Hockey

Hockey in this region is similar to American football in the USA; it is a highly regarded sport. This said, Canada’s national winter sport is ice hockey; in addition, it’s known as the birthplace. Due to this aspect, most Canadians breath and live this amazing sport as they consider it their own.

In addition, all large municipalities and small towns in Canada have outdoor and indoor hockey arenas. This proves how highly the game is considered by Canadians.


Another aspect that this region is famously recognized for is its beautiful landscapes. One thing to note is the presence of beauty in each region. The first is the majestic scenery of the enormous Rocky Mountain range.

To add to Canada’s charm is its shoreline. The noteworthy point is that the country is home to the largest coastland globally, stretching across two oceans. Also, Canada has the most lakes globally, and among the most known is Peyto Lake.

The Word ‘Eh’

This is a word Canadians like using at the end of every sentence. What’s fascinating is that the citizens are not amused when you point out their ‘eh’ habit. To some point, ‘eh’ has become emblematic of Canada in a manner that it’s now out of control.

Furthermore, Canadians use ‘eh’ in questions, statements, and exclamations. The word is so common that it can be found in business ads, billboards, and television shows.


Let’s talk about wildlife in Canada. Canadian wildlife is amazing as it has an array of many animal species ranging from bears, moose, bears, mountain lions, and elk, among others. With many wildlife creatures, it is not unusual to see some of them afar.

Canada showcases its wildlife in 48 conservation areas, encompassing coastal and marine reserves. While it can be thrilling to see wild animals, it is critical to keep a safe distance.


Without a doubt, poutine is the country’s specialty and its national dish. This dish was first created in Quebec, resulting from mixing fries with gravy and cheese curds. Poutine is delicious and has been embraced around the globe.

Since Canadians love the dish, it has resulted in several special events being celebrated annually.

The prominent festival is La Poutine Week as it’s the largest Poutine festival. The cities where the festivals are held are Ottawa, Quebec City, and Drummondville.

Natural Display Lights

The famous Northern Lights also referred to as aurora borealis, is a beautiful natural light show of bright colors. Note that the natural display can be spotted in other countries. However, Canada becomes the ultimate choice to enjoy the best light show.

Canada is an ideal place to view this natural wonder is because the northern areas are not far from the Arctic Circle. Hence they are enclosed by the auroral oval, hence the natural lights are more visible.

Snow and Ice

Even when visitors tour Canada throughout the summer seasons, the cold weather is also more popular. Notably, numerous regions in the country are covered with snow and ice for more than half of the year. Due to this phenomenon, tourists from hotter countries visit Canada to witness as streets are covered with snow and ice.

Craft Beer

Apart from the natural syrup being a product of the region, the craft beer industry is also widely recognized. The industry has significantly grown in recent years as numerous small to medium breweries are coming up while the consumption rate rises.

Craft beer is notably popular as it is made using traditional methods which try out a different recipe. With such creation, it is with certainty that each craft beer has a unique taste, unlike the commercial beers.

Road Trips

As seen above, Canada is extensive, hence is ideal for a road trip. Areas you can drive through in Canada include; beaches, provinces, forests, and shorelines. With all these beautiful sites, you can be sure to have a beautiful road tripping experience.

What’s stunning about this country is the numerous things that visitors can do. Also, as a friendly region, tourists don’t have to be worried that they might be stranded. With such incredible aspects, it is without a doubt that Canada is a magnificent and beautiful country to visit.

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