Is Surrey BC a Good Place To Live

Is Surrey BC a Good Place To Live? Everything You Need to Know

Are you having restless nights trying to find somewhere to settle and then searching no more?

Surrey is a lovely and lively city. Surrey is a great city to live in. The weather here is good, and the people are very nice too.

If you’re looking for a cozy and enjoyable place to live, then Surrey is the place to be.

There are plenty of opportunities in the city, such as a diverse culture, excellent school districts, easy commutes, etc. The town has anything one can dream of.

There are lots of lands to enjoy, and the city. The people of the town seem to be welcoming and very friendly. There are many parks for you to enjoy and catch your breath.

The Best Area To Live in Surrey

Surrey Heights is the most relaxing part of Surrey. The Surrey Heights community is family-oriented. They take pride in keeping their homes neat and clean. Many are very proud to live in their homes.

There is a sense of togetherness, with neighbors looking out for each other. It is a lovely area close to schools, shopping, and other recreational facilities.

Fleetwood Tynehead

for the last 40 years, the residents of Fleetwood Tynehead have always enjoyed the quiet lifestyle.

Fleetwood is a nice older neighborhood. It is slowly changing into a beautiful place, with many new and old homes still in great shape.

There are many parks, playgrounds, shopping centers and of course schools. The commute is pretty easy because it is 40 minutes to downtown and 25 minutes to Vancouver city center.


Newton is a newer area that consists of beautiful homes and apartments. This area has become an excellent place for families.

Many people leave their homes unlocked because the community is so safe. There are many new developments, and the commute to downtown Vancouver takes about 20 minutes.

One of the things that people love about living in Newton is the city itself. The residents are amiable, fun-loving, and have a relaxing time with friends and family.

Is Surrey Cheaper Than Vancouver?

The answer is yes. Living in Surrey is much cheaper than living in downtown Vancouver.

Many people want to move from Vancouver because of the high prices and traffic. Surrey offers a more affordable way of living and has many amenities.

Surrey also has lower taxes than Vancouver. The state sales tax rate for metro Vancouver is 7% which may seem higher than in most other cities in Canada, but it doesn’t stop people from coming here, whether to live or just for a few days.

Where Should I Not Live in Surrey?

There are a few parts of Surrey that are not so desirable. Living in South Surrey is not a good idea.

It is very congested, especially during rush hour. Most people don’t live there, but it’s still an option for anyone trying to save money and does not mind congestion.

Guildford and Cloverdale are not places for residence either. The crime rate is high. They are areas where drug trafficking occurs frequently.

Why Is Surrey Famous?

Many things make this city great. The thing that makes this city unique is the culture. What makes Surrey so vibrant is the diversity of its people and culture. This culture attracts many people to come into the city and be a part of our community in Surrey.

The best thing about living in Surrey is that it has a slight-town feel with all your needs covered.

Cost of Living in Surrey BC

Surrey is a very affordable place to call home. It’s right on top of being more affordable than Vancouver. How much cheaper? One thousand nine hundred twenty-one dollars, which puts it at the top rank in affordability in British Colombia.

  • Monthly costs for a Family of four are 4,100C$ without rent.
  • Monthly costs for a single person are 1,150C$ without rent.
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) 1,350-1,675 C$ 
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) 2,250-3,100C$

Is Surrey BC Safe?

Surrey is a very safe place to live and work. The crime rate is much lower, so this is a great place to settle.

How Far Is Surrey From Vancouver?

Surrey is 23 km away from Vancouver, and it takes just about 30 minutes to get there by car.
It’s close enough to commute but far enough to give you the feel of being in a different environment.

The Best Neighborhood in Surrey

People have different preferences, some are more modern or classic, but most of us would agree that the best neighborhood in Surrey is Delta. It is home to a wide variety of housing options.

This area has the best of both the new and the old worlds. The newer homes are still reasonably affordable.

They are just outside Downtown Vancouver and great for those who want to live in a less busy area.

How Many People Live in Surrey?

Surrey is a vast city and one of the most populated in British Colombia. It is the third-largest city in the province, with about 568,322 people.

Best Schools in Surrey BC

St John the Baptist Catholic school in South Surrey is one of the top schools in Surrey.
It has very experienced teachers, and the school has a beautiful environment.

This school has been ranked as the best in Surrey on two different occasions. It’s a fantastic place for kids to learn.

Many great schools, such as Woodland Elementary, Centennial Elementary, and Newton elementary, can compete for the title of best in this city.

what To Do in Surrey BC

There is plenty to do in Surrey, no matter your interests

  • There are many parks and a lot of outdoor activities.
  • You can go for a ride on the Peace Arch Park or enjoy the incredible scenery in Stanley Park.
  • Some people like to go to one of the many parks where they can enjoy picnics with family or friends. Surrey has it all to offer.
  • There is also so much to do indoors, such as museums, shopping, restaurants, and indoor play areas for kids.

Surrey BC – Pros and Cons of Living in Surrey BC

Pros of Living in Surrey BC

  • Friendly People
  • The crime rate is relatively low compared to other places in BC
  • There are a lot of corporate offices, which means that many people work and live in Surrey
  • It’s very close to Vancouver, so you can head there quickly if you want to go out for an evening or catch a game.
  • It’s fantastic for those who enjoy the outdoors since there is so much nature surrounding this city.
  • Great schools in the area.

Cons of Living in Surrey BC

  • Surrey is very crowded, especially during the summer, so this is not the place for you if you want quiet.
  • There are a lot of new developments in Surrey because it’s a city that is growing in popularity.
  • The traffic can be awful during rush hour and at the peak of the school year.
  • Some people don’t like how big the city is at all. They prefer to live in smaller towns and villages with more space and privacy.

Things You Need To Know Before Moving to Surrey BC

  • There are excellent health facilities like Elizabeth House Medical Practice in Surrey.
  • Ample parks in the city hence the name “city of parks.”
  • Surrey has lots of shopping malls and movie theatres, thus an excellent place if you like to go out for dinner or a night out.

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