Does Target Ship to Canada

Does Target Ship to Canada? 4 Easy Steps

Target is an American retail giant that provides a platform to buy and ship goods online from the comfort of your home.

Target has a friendly atmosphere that provides a large pool of products ranging from groceries, clothes, essentials, and electronics at low and reasonable prices.

The unique products you purchase at Target’s website are then shipped to your preferred destination at an affordable delivery fee.

Are you based in Canada, and you want to purchase products from Target, and you are wondering whether you can ship them to Canada from Target?

The simple answer is no; Target does not directly ship products to Canada. However, you can ship your Target orders to Canada through package forwarding.

Target does not provide international shipments, including shipping to Canada for any goods purchased on its premises. Target stopped international shipments as of February 2020 but processed all the orders placed earlier than February 1, 2020.

Target had stores in Canada but exited the market in 2015 since the business venture did not prove to be profitable.

Many Canadians had gotten used to shopping the unique products at Target and were left stranded, not knowing how they could ship the products they purchased from Target.

Worry not because this article explains how to shop from Target and receive your shipment.

How to Get Target Products Shipped to Canada Through a Package Forwarding Company

Target does not directly ship products to Canada, but you can buy products from Target and have a package forwarder ship them to you in Canada. Package forwarders have low costs and offer a smooth and effortless shipment procedure.

The package forwarder is a warehouse based in the USA that accepts your order and then ships the order to you. Below is a workaround for sending goods you have purchased at Target through package forwarding.

1. Select your preferred package forwarding company

A package forwarding company gives you a US address where your packages are delivered for them to collect on your behalf and ship to Canada.

Target reviewed its shipping policies to stop delivering packages to package forwarders. You must exercise caution in selecting a package forwarder to choose a functional one so that your purchase order can be processed.

When selecting a package forwarder, you must make the right decision to ensure you receive your order quickly and at an affordable cost. The following are factors that you should consider when choosing a package forwarder.

  • The speed that the company works at to process and ship your package.
  • The fee charged. Ensure that you understand all the fees and costs that the company charges for all their services, including accepting, repacking, storage, and shipping costs. The price may also include a flat charge for cross-border shipment, taxes, and duties.
  • Transparency of their prices. Ensure that you understand the pricing structure that the company applies before making any order.
  • Any fees they charge monthly or annually. Understand any extra costs that may be charged monthly or quarterly.
  • The company’s customer service. How quickly and thoroughly does the company respond to its clients? What is the rate of customer satisfaction?

2. Receive a US address from the company

After signing up to your preferred package forwarding company, the company will assign you a US mailing address at its warehouse.

The mailing address is where you receive all your packages, and in case you have regular mail, you will receive it there.

You will be required to provide your physical address your Canadian home address where your orders will be shipped. The US address comes in handy when you relocate from Canada to the US, as you can still use it to receive your emails and invoices.

3. Ship your order to the package forwarding company

Shop from Target at your home convenience and place an order for the products you want to purchase.

Enter the package forwarding company’s US address instead of your home address to deliver the products at the warehouse.

You should have an account at Target that you will use to place an order, as you will need one during checkout. The payment for the order is made in US Dollars at the Target website.

4. Delivery by the package forwarding company

Once your order is delivered to the warehouse, the company should notify you that they have received your order so that you select the mode of shipping and make payments for their services.

The company then delivers your package to your Canadian home address.

The company, before shipping, should notify you to confirm whether those products delivered to them are what you ordered. Where you have more than one parcel, the company may repack them into a single package to reduce the shipment fee.

The company provides you with a tracking number to track the shipment progress on their website. Your parcel will be delivered to your address within three or four business days.

The Benefits of using package forwarding services

1. Provides you access to stores that only ship to in the USA

Some retail chains such as Target and Walmart do not ship directly to Canada, therefore, denying you a chance to shop at their stalls. A package forwarding company grants you access to buy from Target since the goods are delivered to the warehouse with a US address.

The company’s services allow you to order all the products you need from Target then deliver the package to your Canadian address.

2. You acquire a USA address

Upon signing up, a package forwarding company assigns you a US mailing address at its warehouse. You receive your packages and regular mail through this address. In instances where you move and reside in America, you can keep this mail and continue receiving mail through it.

3. It helps you cut the shipping cost

A package forwarding company saves you from the inflated prices that some US stores may charge you when shipping to a local address. Unlike package forwarding companies, some US stores also provide shipping services to Canada at very high rates.

Where you have multiple packages that you need to be shipped to Canada, the package forwarding company may, at your request, repack the boxes into a single unit and save you the extra cost that would have been charged on shipping multiple packages.

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