Best Places to Retire in Alberta

9 Best Places to Retire in Alberta

Are you planning to retire in Alberta? Or are you an elderly Albertan wishing to relocate to a smaller town?

The province of Alberta seems to have become well-known among retirees due to its diverse culture, good living standards, and rich ambiance.

The excellent healthcare system and medical facilities are among the factors that entice retirees to settle in Alberta during their golden years. Whether you are looking to buy a home or prefer retirement homes for your retirement, Alberta has plenty of options for you!


This town is becoming increasingly popular among senior citizens for its ideal atmosphere and excellent healthcare facilities. Airdrie has an extremely low crime rate, so you can stroll around without fear during the day or at night.

There are numerous senior-friendly activities available in this city. Because Airdrie is a retirement hotspot, you’ll have no trouble finding 55+ housing.

Senior home in Airdrie, Alberta, provides excellent healthcare and ensures you will never be bored during your golden years.

Airdrie also attracts many young people due to its diverse cultural offerings.


Calgary is also commonly referred to as Alberta’s crown jewel. It is the province’s best overall town and Canada’s fifth most popular place to live. Although it is the largest city in Alberta, real estate costs and income tax are very low compared to other major Canadian cities.

Calgary has the best healthcare system of all Alberta cities, with mild winters and 332 sunny days yearly. Several retirement homes are available here, offering extra pampering and great attention to their clients.


According to MoneySense, Edmonton is Canada’s 68th best place to live. The city has every facility and entertainment option you would expect from a major city, with high-quality healthcare services making it more appealing to the elderly.

Edmonton’s progressive mindset has resulted in many fantastic new residential facilities that feature all good about modern retirement living. With numerous tennis courts, golf courses, and walking trails, it has a lot to offer retirees searching for an active lifestyle. There are a lot of affordable housing solutions as well!

Bragg Creek

Bragg Creek is among the best places in Alberta to retire if you want to live in a small, peaceful community. It’s about 30 kilometers from Calgary, with plenty of parks and eateries here, not forgetting the Rocky Mountains with a magnificent relaxing effect.

You can quench your artistic thirst by photographing these interesting scenes while sipping your favorite drink. This town is also a fantastic investment opportunity.


Canmore has been ranked the 7th best place to live in Canada, a little over an hour’s drive from Calgary and roughly twenty kilometers outside Banff.

This town boasts low property taxes, a low unemployment rate, and a low crime rate, making it a desirable town to settle for retirement.

Canmore is located in the mountains, a short distance from large cities, where high-quality health care is more readily available such as Calgary. Canmore is home to among the most beautiful retirement facilities and communities outside of Calgary.

As the elderly community makes up most of Canmore’s population, you can hang out with folks your age if you choose to retire here.


Okotoks is another beautiful town to consider setting in for your retirement days. It has gorgeous views of the rocky mountains surrounding it, not forgetting the Sheep River Valley, which is famous.

This town is well-known among retirees because of its natural surroundings and outstanding culture. If these sound like things you are considering in your potential location, Okotoks might be the place for you.

The city’s management is committed to maintaining a beautiful natural environment while fostering a modern lifestyle.

Grand Prairie

Your body is getting a little slower in your retirement days, so most people consider retiring where there are plenty of activities to keep them active. If this sounds like your kind of location, then you might want to settle in Grand Prairie.

The city has numerous outdoor activities and several indoor activities to choose from. If you fancy going for a stroll to get some fresh air with family members or friends, there are numerous walking trails to do that here.

There are also numerous festivals, parks to visit, and activities to participate in, ensuring your days are activity-filled and fun.


Jasper, Alberta, is a beautiful town surrounded by the Rocky Mountains where you can relax and enjoy the scenery in your retirement days.

Jasper is unique because it combines the finest of small-town lifestyles with urban facilities. It has everything from shopping stores to restaurants, schools, and quality medical facilities.

It offers one of the highest levels of medical care in Canada, which is excellent news for ailing folks who have difficulty traveling.

Kayaking, hiking, birdwatching, and horseback riding, are just a few of the activities available to seniors in the area, not forgetting the spectacular scenery. It is also an affordable area to retire from due to its low cost of living.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and glaciers. It’s around an hour and a half drive from Calgary and Banff, making it an excellent destination to spend your golden years.

With fewer than 100 people, the town is one of Alberta’s best-preserved settlements. You enjoy the peace as you soak in the beautiful natural environment.

Your decision on where to enjoy your retirement is based on your preferences for living. For the elderly, Alberta has a lot of natural weather conditions, which are not very harsh.

Healthcare is excellent, and there is a wide range of cultural diversity, making it a perfect location for everyone.

Alberta is an excellent place to spend your retirement years. It includes many solutions to meet your happy, healthy, and active retirement demands.

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