Best Cities to Live In Alberta

10 Best Cities to Live In Alberta

As the most populated province of Canada, Alberta is home to dozens of unique cities. Each one has its distinct charm and personality that makes it fun to explore and experience.

This article will look at some of Alberta’s best cities to live in.

Why Live in Alberta?

Are you considering moving to Alberta? Alberta is the best place to live in Canada because it has a beautiful natural landscape, economic stability, and friendly people.

Alberta is Canada’s second-most populous province, with over 4.3 million people living there. It is also the center of Canada’s oil and gas industry. With such a dynamic population, it has a diverse culture and beautiful scenery.

Alberta is known for its natural resources such as oil, natural gas, and uranium-rich soil and water. The economy in Alberta is stable because of the high number of oil.

What are the best cities to live in Alberta?

Are you thinking of moving to Alberta? Which city is correct for you? Depending on your preferences, lifestyle, and age, some cities are better suited than others.

Here are the top ten best cities to live in Alberta;

1. Edmonton

Edmonton has a tremendously high quality of life. The city offers numerous cultural venues and activities, excellent educational opportunities, affordable housing, and lower living costs than most major Canadian cities.

Edmonton is a beautiful city with many attractions and historical sites around it. It has a lot to offer, including museums, sports venues, parks, and festivals. Edmonton offers a variety of things to do for all ages and interests.

2. Calgary

Calgary is big-city sophistication surrounded by vast natural beauty, where the residential neighborhoods and downtown core flow seamlessly into the pristine Calgary Rocky Mountains.

Home to over 1.2 million people, Calgary has a rich arts and culture scene and an abundance of restaurants and nightlife to suit every taste.

With a strong economy and affordable housing with plenty of space for families and a perpetual calendar of festivals, events, and experiences to enjoy, Calgary is one of Canada’s best places to live.

3. Lethbridge

Lethbridge is one of the largest cities in southern Alberta and the third-largest municipality in the province. Lethbridge is mainly known for its agricultural industry and a trade center for nearby oil fields.

Lethbridge offers a lot of things to do during your stay there. You can visit their museums, enjoy their parks, check out their restaurants and bars or relax at home with some movies on TV.

Lethbridge has been described as “the most liveable city” by MoneySense magazine and “Canada’s most livable big city” by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

4. Red Deer

Red Deer is a city located in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is located in between the major cities of Calgary and Edmonton. The city is surrounded by Red Deer County.

Red Deer is one of the safest cities in Canada, with a low crime rate compared to other urban settlements across Canada. The city also has health care facilities, schools, and recreational facilities that speak well of it.

5. Stettler

Stettler was founded in 1902 by a group of settlers from nearby towns and villages. The settlers were attracted to the area because of its rich agricultural land. They named it after John A. Stettler, a Swiss-American who had been instrumental in developing the surrounding area’s land into productive farms.

Stettler has grown steadily since its founding, with the population reaching 8,900 in 2006 and 9,600 by 2011.

The 2010 municipal census recorded a population of 10,328. In the 2011 Census, Stettler had a population of 10,533.

The community had seen significant growth between 2006 and 2011, with the population increasing by 1,216 residents (26%). In comparison to Alberta as a whole, in 2011, the population increased by 2.7%.

6. Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat was founded by miners during the 1883 gold rush and was incorporated as a town on June 1, 1884.

The name “Medicine Hat” is derived from a local legend about an American Indian chief who gave his name to a hat he wore which made him feel better when he had malaria or other fevers.

Medicine Hat enjoys an excellent quality of life that has been recognized internationally. The city boasts a meager cost of living and the warmth and security of living in a smaller community.

7. Lacombe

Lacombe is a charming and beautiful city with fresh country air, excellent schools, and numerous recreational opportunities.

With the economy closely tied to agriculture and light manufacturing, Lacombe has preserved its charm and boasts some of the most stunning scenery in Alberta.

Lacombe has no tremendous outdoor activities, with outdoor adventure enthusiasts enjoying hiking and skiing at Mount Aggie, boating on Gull Lake, or walking along the picturesque Heritage Trail.

8. Camrose

Camrose is one of the best cities to live in Alberta. It is located on the East side of Alberta, overlooking the beautiful Beaver Hills.

Camrose has a population of 20,060 and growing. The average property value is $203,900, and the average household income is $65,286.

Camrose has all amenities, including shopping, banking, schools, daycare facilities, etc. Beautiful parks and an outdoor pool.

It is also home to post-secondary institutions that concentrate on health and education programs, making this city a highly desirable place to live.

9. Canmore, AB

Canmore, a small town nestled among the Canadian Rockies, is located approximately 80km west of Calgary.

This modern mountain city offers a wide range of local dining, shopping, and attractions while providing easy access to Banff National Park and Kananaskis Country.

10. St. Albert, AB

St. Albert is a charming city located just north of Edmonton in the heart of Sturgeon County.

Residents can enjoy many outdoor recreational opportunities at Big Lake, St. Albert Botanic Park, Red Willow Park, and many other parks.

The city continues to win awards for its cleanliness, friendliness, sense of community, and ability to respond creatively to local issues.


Alberta has a lot to offer, from beautiful landscapes to vibrant cities and warm weather. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that this province has become one of Canada’s most popular destinations.

The best place to live in Alberta is where you are happy and comfortable with your surroundings and lifestyle.

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