Does Ulta Ship to Canada

Does Ulta Ship to Canada? A Step by Step Guide

It can be very frustrating when you need to order products abroad from an online store with great deals but without a shipping option.

You may be admiring products from stores like Ulta Beauty, but you cannot do anything since they don’t offer shipping services in your country.

Please don’t get frustrated if you have experienced this currently. If you’re in Canada, there are options to help you get anything you want from Ulta delivered to your location quickly and affordably.

Ulta is among the world’s well-known and largest beauty retailers. It’s an American-based company that was established three decades ago. It operates over a thousand well-spread stores in all the states.

The company specializes in selling multiple products, including haircare, skincare, body, bath, and nail products.

Though Ulta is among the cosmetic industry’s largest companies, the giant company does not provide much to Canadian shoppers. So, does it ship to Canada?

The bad news is Ulta does not ship to Canada. The good news is that several options are there to help you get Ulta’s products right to your doorstep in Canada.

How to Ship Ulta Products to Canada

Despite Ulta not providing an option for their products to be shipped directly to Canadian shoppers, there is a suitable option to have their items delivered to your preferred location in Canada. Getting any Ulta products shipped to any place in Canada will require you to use a parcel forwarder.

What’s a Parcel Forwarder?

A parcel or package forwarder is a service provider that gives people an opportunity to execute online cross-border shopping quickly and effectively. When you utilize the forwarder’s service, you first require getting your parcel shipped to their warehouse.

Once your parcel is in the warehouse, you’ll need to pay the forwarder a package shipping and handling fee so that they can ship it over to you wherever you are in Canada.

Getting Ulta Products Shipped to Canada—A Step by Step Guide

While in the U.S., ordering packages from Ulta is a straightforward process. Just visit Ulta’s website and select the products you want, make payments online and put an address you want them to be delivered to, and within a short period, the parcel will arrive in your selected location.

However, this is not the case for our neighbor, Canada. But with a few steps, it’s possible to get anything you want from Ulta to any location in Canada.

Step 1: Choosing a Package Forwarder

You have multiple options to explore when choosing a package forwarder. Choosing the right one will determine how quickly you get your parcel to your preferred location in Canada and the amount you pay as a service fee.

Several factors can help you find the most reliable package forward to deliver whatever you order from Ulta:

Customer Service

Check the online reviews of several package forwarders to find out what other users say about their services. Based on their reviews, you’ll be able to know the experience of other users when utilizing their service and whether their services completely satisfy their needs.

You can try to ask some questions to some of the package forwarders to see how quickly they respond to queries.

Service Fees

Check online what different parcel forwarders charge as service fees for shipping packages. Some package forwarders have hidden fees. Ensure, therefore, to inquire about the same to determine how much you might pay for the entire shipping process.

Depending on the company you choose, you might be charged a one-time or monthly fee. Generally, the best package forwarder offers affordable, trustworthy, and speedy services.

Once you get a package forwarder that suits your budget and needs, visit their online site and complete their sign-up process.

Step 2: Visiting Ulta’s Website to Complete Your Order

After you complete the sign-up process with the parcel forwarder you choose, you can go on and grab all the amazing products you want from Ulta’s online site.

During the sign-up task given by the parcel forwarder online, you’ll get a warehouse address when you complete the process. You’ll have to enter that warehouse address when you’re buying products from Ulta Beauty.

When you place an order on Ulta’s site, they require you to enter your delivery address. Your delivery address is the warehouse address you receive from your parcel forwarder. When you put your delivery address and pay for the items you order, Ulta Beauty will deliver your products to the warehouse of your parcel forwarder of choice.

Step 3: Forwarding Your Package

When Ulta delivers your order to your parcel forwarder warehouse, the forwarder company will capture photos of the parcel and send them to you to inform you that it’s in their hands.

Your parcel forwarder may have several shipping options for you to choose from when utilizing their services. You should determine the best shipping option based on your package’s value, size, and weight.

Step 4: Waiting for International Delivery

If your parcel forwarder does not send photos of your package to inform you it has arrived, you can use the tracking details from Ulta to track your products.

Ulta often sends tracking information immediately they dispatch products their customers order from their site to any package forwarders.

Suppose you confirm everything is going as expected, and you’ve selected your international shipping option and paid for the service fee charged by your parcel forwarder. In that case, you can rest confident that your package is on its way to Canada.

Get Anything You Want from Ulta Shipped to You in Canada

Getting products from Ulta Beauty shipped to you in Canada doesn’t have to be a stressful, time-consuming, and expensive process.

If you find the most reliable parcel forwarder, follow their sign-up and shipping processes accordingly, and pay for their services on time, you can encounter a smooth and stress-free shipping process.

As you’ve seen, hiring a parcel forwarding company to act as the third party between Ulta Beauty and you is extremely important.

Though hiring any forward company can be time-extensive and more costly, it might be a worth it idea. That is especially true if you’re buying products from a foreign company not offering shipping services in your country.

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