Does Thrive Market Ship To Canada

Does Thrive Market Ship To Canada? 3 Easy Steps

Thrive Market is a popular online store specializing in providing affordable healthy living. The company boasts the largest selection of organic foods with a monthly or weekly supply of a health-conscious box.

Thrive Market offers customers over 16,000 items to choose from, including popular brands such as Annie’s Mac and Cheese and less known brands such as Himalania Salt.

This store offers customers a chance to receive their monthly or weekly shipments for a low $5 per month.

However, shipping items bought on Thrive Market to Canada can be a little difficult since the company doesn’t offer direct shipping to Canada.

On the other hand, Americans can enjoy the benefits of buying goods from Thrive Market as they provide their home mailing addresses to receive their orders within the given timeframe.

Does Thrive Market Ship to Canada?

No. Thrive Market currently doesn’t provide direct shipping to customers in Canada. There are several online stores in the United States that offer good deals on quality products. However, the only downside to these stores is that many of them do not ship internationally, which affects neighboring countries such as Canada.

Despite the challenges faced in shipping, customers looking to enjoy products from Thrive Market can leverage creative shipping solutions, such as working with a package forwarding company. A package forwarder is basically a warehouse service in the United States that receives and forwards your Thrive Market order to your mailing address in Canada.

How to get Thrive Market Orders Shipped to Canada

As stated before, there are several ingenious ways for you to receive your package from Thrive Market. Package forwarding is by far the best option you can pick with little to no effort at a considerable fee. Below are a few steps you can follow to get your order from Thrive Market.

Step One: Choose a Package Forwarder

Choosing a package forwarder is by far the most crucial step in receiving your package. The service you choose has a direct impact on how soon you will receive the package as well as how much you will spend to receive your health-conscious box.

The best approach is to research various package forwarders by scoring them against relevant metrics. Here are a few factors you need to consider when choosing a package forwarder.

Service fees– take time to review the individual service fee charged by each firm, especially those charged on their core service, which included accepting and forwarding packages. You should also look at charges for ancillary services such as package consolidation if you want to buy several items from multiple vendors, repacking, and long-term storage.

Pricing transparency- people have often fallen victim to several hidden charges which drive up the cost of their items. Before committing to their service, you should research more on their pricing structure. This way, you can get an overview of all the charges before your order is sent to the warehouse.

Monthly/Annual fees- some package forwarders offer clients premium subscriptions where you can subscribe to monthly or annual fees. Check if the service has these offers to enable you to take advantage of discounts.

Speed– as stated before, the amount of time taken for your order to be delivered is dependent on the service you choose. Look at the customer reviews to see what others are saying about how fast the package forwarder can process and deliver your package.

Customer Service– you should also look at online ratings and reviews to see what other clients are saying about their services. You should also ask a few questions and gauge how thoroughly and quickly they respond to your questions.

After reviewing these factors, you can comfortably settle on a package forwarder. Be sure to base your decision on your budget and the urgency of the order. You should also consider services with several five-star ratings ad favorable consumer reviews.

Step Two: Ship Your Order

Once you have chosen a service provider, reach out and sign up to open an account with them.

Once your application is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique mailing address to their warehouse. After this, the next step is to shop for the items you want on Thrive Market and enter the package forwarder’s mailing address instead of your home mailing address.

Some consumers have also found it difficult to enter their home addresses as their credit card billing addresses. This is easily solved by entering the unique mailing address provided as an alternative address without any problem.

Step Three: Forward your Package

With every detail in place, you can wait for your shipment to arrive at the designated address.

Once the package arrives, you will receive a notification from the package forwarder. In some cases, you will receive photos of the package confirming its arrival. The service will then present you with several shipping options to pick from.

Usually, there are four shipping options that correlate to 4 price-speed combinations. However, customers can be given up to 10 shipping options based on the item’s size, weight, and value.

How long does it take to ship to Canada? How much does it cost?

Thrive Market takes 1-3 days for orders to be prepared and shipped to their respective mailing addresses. Once your order has been disbursed, you will receive an email notification alerting you of the package’s progress.

This email will also provide you with the tracking information to help you keep tabs on orders. Here are some of the shipping charges:

  • Groceries- free shipping for orders worth over $49 and $5.95 for those below
  • Frozen- free shipping on orders over $99 and a charge of $19.95 for items below
  • Wine- free shipping on orders over $79 and a charge of $13.95 for orders below

Most orders from Thrive Market are delivered to the provided address within 2-5 days of purchase.

However, the amount of time for your package to reach Canada is highly dependent on the package forwarder you contract.

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