Does Depop Ship to Canada

Does Depop Ship to Canada? Best Way

The best way to get your Depop products shipped to Canada

Have you ever wanted to ship a product to Canada? Have you considered Depop and wondered, does Depop ship to Canada? Depop does not ship to Canada, but in this piece, I will provide the best way you will receive your Depop order in Canada without a hustle. There is always a solution to every problem.

Shipping products from Depop to Canada used to be tiresome, but not any longer. Depop is a cellphone app that allows users to purchase and sell different items using their cell phones.

Founded in 2011 by PIG magazine founders, Depop initially allowed users to purchase items featured in the magazine but later improved by introducing a selling feature.

Some American stores don’t ship internationally but offer great deals on the items they are selling; this is a challenge to those living in Canada and needing shipment of the selected items from the e-commerce stores. I have provided a simple procedure to ensure that your items ship to your doorstep without you moving your feet.

Below is the precise step-by-step description of how to get your Depop order delivered to Canada

How to get your Depop products shipped to Canada

Step 1: Select a Package Forwarder

Once you visit the Depop website and be sure that the e-commerce store does not ship to Canada, don’t be frustrated, the best thing is to ship the product to a package forwarder who will help ship the product to your home or office.

Selecting a shipping forwarder is a crucial step because it will determine when the products will arrive and the amount of money to be paid for the shipment. I conducted detailed research on eight package forwarders while considering different critical elements. Here are the main items considered:

Service Fees: every penny paid should ensure that the goods arrive safely and on time. Consideration is made of the shipping fees and the additional storage, repackaging, and package consolidation fees.

Pricing Honesty: How much information do I know about the pricing arrangement before directing my shipment to their warehouse?

Monthly Fees: How much monthly and annual fees do they charge if it exists.

Efficiency: How fast will the package be processed?
Customer service: How efficient is the customer service, and how satisfied are the users who previously used the services.

After considering the above metrics, Planet Express came first, and followed. They both have no extra taxation, have low rates, and are reliable with vast item shipping experience. Planet Express’s customer service is efficient, and its online reviews stand at a clean 5-star rating from satisfied clients.

The best pick here is Planet Express because of the following added advantages:

In Oregon, they have a warehouse where the products sent there do not have sale tax.

Planet Express consolidates different packages in one box, significantly decreasing shipping costs for multiple products ordered by one person.

The clients receive photos of the products once they arrive at the Planet Express warehouse, helping the client track the items.

Planet Express has comparatively lower storage fees for the shipped packages. All received items have 10-day free storage, after which it is charged per day at one cent per pound. That translates to $0.30 for a pound of an item stored there for one month.

Step 2: Shipping to Planet Express

After signing up at the company’s website, they will send a special warehouse mailing address.

Once you do your shopping, you enter the mailing at Planet Express to send the items to Planet Express and not your residence. The sign-up process is quite simple and user-friendly, with an efficient team that offers detailed answers to any question you have.

If there are problems with entering your residence address as the billing address, don’t panic; enter the Planet Express warehouse address. All your items will be shipped, and the website will provide payment options.

Step 3: Package Forwarding

Immediately your items are received at the Planet Express warehouse, and you will receive images of your items as an indication that they have received your order. They will then send you options on shipping that you will be able to choose the most effective method.

There are about four shipping choices provided conforming to four different pricing categories. There can be up to ten shipping options. Depending on how heavy, how big, and valuable your package is, in some cases.

Depending on how fast you need your order, you can select the shipment category from the four options described as planet mail; economy, planet mail; express, postal office; eParket, and USPS; express. The different categories have different pricing, delivery time, and package tracking ability.

User Experience

From the different users who have received the Planet Express services, the product shipment process wasn’t tiresome in the multiple shipments. Once the package is directed to the unique warehouse, Planet Express sends an email acknowledging receipt of the good within 48 hours; that’s pretty first, right?

The Planet Express customs declaration form is very simple to fill with only four parts to be filled:

  • The shipped item
  • The quantity of the shipped item
  • The value of the product
  • Whether the item has batteries

The total shipment and insurance fees are provided, and the client selects the one they are comfortable with from the options listed. Once all the data is provided, the item is shipped as soon as possible without any damage or delay.

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) has made the process easy because no extra duties or customs fees are paid for the imports.


In conclusion, the Depop items can be easily shipped to Canada in a smooth process. The shipment costs are relatively low, enabling the client to save money by directly purchasing relatively cheaper items from Depop. Suppose you are considering a purchase from Depop or a retailer that does not ship to Canada.

In that case, I believe the above step will come in handy in ensuring that your items are received safely and promptly with zero hassle.

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