Best Province to Live in Canada for Families

Best Province to Live in Canada for Families

Calgary, the Family-Friendly City

Calgary is a city of diversity and prosperity located in Alberta province. It is situated in the Rocky Mountains’ foothills, where the Elbow and Bow rivers converge. Calgary has more sunny days than the other Canadian cities.

It provides clean air, open areas, pathways, parks, mountains, and rivers. It is home to over 200 different ethnicities.

Is Calgary, Alberta, an Excellent Place to Raise a Family?

Calgary offers the safest, wealthiest, and cleanest environment to live in Canada. The residents of Calgary benefit from a cheaper cost of living, a strong employment market, and low taxes. It has the best health care facilities and schools that are affordable.

Furthermore, it has the world’s most child-friendly hospitals. It is an ethnically diverse city; hence it is easy to raise your family in a welcoming environment.

Reasons Why Calgary Is the Best Place for Families

Environment and Getting Around

The environment in Calgary is very clean. The air in Calgary is wonderfully pure and crisp, and there is minimal litter. It is the world’s best Eco-city based on its garbage collection service.

Water availability and drinkability, sewage systems, and low pollution levels are other factors. The city of Calgary requires licenses to keep cats and dogs. Regulations do not allow pet cats to wander freely in Calgary.

They must stay on the owners’ property. Dogs are prohibited from off-leashing unless in a safely enclosed private yard or authorized off-leash location. Fortunately, the city offers one-sixth of its parks for off-leashing.

Calgary has a lot of beautiful parkland with well-kept playgrounds for your children. The gardens, particularly those around Bow River, have pleasant walkways and biking routes. The +15 network of overhead pedestrian bridges connect Calgary’s downtown buildings.

The heated +15 network allows you to wander in downtown stores and buildings during winter. You don’t have to wear winter clothes. The +15 network is the world’s largest building linked by footbridges, stretching 10 miles.

Calgary’s Public Transport is Good

Calgary Transit provides public transportation around the city via shuttles, light trails (C-Train), and buses. The C Train serves as the system’s backbone. The handy system can meet all your transportation needs and is cost-effective.

The electricity used to power the C Train is generated by wind turbines. Hence, it also contributes to the city’s environmental sustainability. You can also use your private car to drive around your family instead of the crowded transit.

Calgary International Airport (YYC) is a transport hub for most of western and central Canada. The city’s location on the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and the Trans-Canada Highway makes it a vital freight center. Calgary drivers are the world’s most pedestrian-friendly.

They routinely stop to let you cross the street with your families.

HealthCare in Calgary

Healthcare in Calgary is excellent. There are seven Primary Care Networks in and around Calgary. The PCN helps you locate a doctor in your area.

If you haven’t enrolled with a family doctor but require their services, you can visit a walk-in clinic for free. But you must have Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan Card (AHCIP). You must have lived in Alberta for three months before applying for an AHCIP card.

Calgary is home to a major pediatric acute care institution and four adult acute care hospitals. The child-friendly hospital gives world-class medication to your kids as they interact with others. The Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Alberta’s foremost cancer center, is also in Calgary.

You can purchase extra health insurance coverage for services not provided by Alberta health services.

Business and Jobs

Calgary, Alberta, controls the majority of Canada’s oil sector. Its deposits of oil sands are second after Saudi Arabia. Calgary is among the richest cities in Canada.

Low taxes have attracted many firms to the city. Small firms in Alberta only pay 2% in taxes with a 10% payroll tax. The oil industry provides major employment opportunities, paying Calgary’s highest wages.

The government, schools, and colleges offer reasonable pay and good working conditions. Calgary’s public finances are in excellent shape, and so is health care quality.

Calgary’s Education System

When it comes to school in Calgary, you have several options. They include public, francophone, catholic, bilingual, private, art-focused, religious, science-focused, etc. The city also provides daycare and pre-school choices.

If your income is low, you can apply for government assistance to offset childcare expenses. The government offers an incredible childcare search engine. It is to help you find Calgary’s pre-schools, daycares, or out-of-school care for your child.

There are also many English as a second language schools (ESL) options for you.

Community Support for Newcomers

Calgary is one of Canada’s most diversified cities. It warmly welcomes newcomers from all over the world. Immigrants can access several services and initiatives to assist in adjusting to new surroundings.

You can obtain help with relocation, finding accommodation, language skills, job search, etc. Immigrant Services Calgary is a valuable resource center for newcomers. The Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, the Centre for Newcomers, and Immigration Women’s Society are other excellent organizations.

Affordable Housing in Calgary

In comparison to Toronto and Vancouver, Calgary’s housing costs remain affordable. The average price of a home in Calgary is $140,000 and $500,000 for a detached house. A condominium costs about $250,000, which is a fair price for the immigrants.

The volume of house sales has declined considerably since the covid-19pandemic. As a result, the market circumstances favor buyers. The best residential areas in Calgary are the South West and North West suburbs.

They are the nearest to the Rockies and provide beautiful mountain views.

Amazing Entertainment

Calgary offers a wide range of entertainment options. There are world-class attractions like the Calgary Zoo, where you can take your family over the weekend. There’s also Calaway Park, Heritage Park, and the incredible TELUS Spark Science Centre.

There are numerous festivals, concerts, fantastic theater, and ballet performances for children. They are also many sports events. Your only job is choosing and budgeting for your family’s interests.


Calgary is always regarded as one of the world’s most livable cities. Housing prices are far lower, and you can access high-quality education. It is an Olympic city giving you access to the world’s most magnificent scenery.

Having a solid community of people to hold your back is a reliable predictor of satisfaction about Calgary. Calgary could be a better option for you. Think about it!

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